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For our Colleagues

Services provided by Imagine the Possibilities
Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)
  • Supported Community Living (SCL) on a scattered-site basis.
  • Supported Community Living (SCL) on a site basis. We currently operate 5 HCBS daily service sites for adults.
  • Hourly Respite
  • Consumer Directed Attendant Care (CDAC)

Below is a table that demonstrates the services we provide under specific HCBS waivers…

ID Waiver BI Waiver Ill & Handicapped Waiver
SCL Scattered Site
SCL Site (we currently operate 5 HCBS daily service sites for adults)
Respite (hourly)

View the HCBS fact sheet.

Community Supported Living Arrangements (CSLA)

Imagine the Possibilities is accredited by deemed status through HCBS to provide CSLA services. The scope of services is essentially identical to that of scattered site SCL under HCBS, but makes the service available to those who are not eligible for the waiver but have a county of legal settlement that is willing to fund the service.

Intermediate Care Facility for people with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID)

We operate an 8-bed ICF/ID for adults. The building was originally constructed in 1981 as a 15-bed RCF/MR and we downsized to eight beds when we converted to ICF/ID in 1994. The extra space provides a roomy environment where the added service components such as nursing and rehab can be provided without disrupting the living space.

View the ICF/ID fact sheet.

Outreach Services

Our Outreach Services program helps to fill many of the gaps faced by people with disabilities. Traditional funding streams limit the kinds of equipment and activities that can be purchased. Through the generous support of United Way of Mahaska County, Imagine the Possibilities is able to meet many of those needs, such as camperships and special trips, Special Olympics, Challenger Little League Team and other special gifts and grants.

View the Outreach Services fact sheet.