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HCBS Factsheet

What is HCBS?

HCBS stands for Home and Community Based Services. This Medicaid program is designed to assist both children and adults with disabilities to live in and become a vital member of their community. This program allows individuals with disabilities to receive precisely the services they need to enable them to live in a setting that is less restrictive than would otherwise be indicated by need.

How are HCBS services developed?

An Interdisciplinary team (IDT) is developed for each person served. The IDT is comprised of the person receiving services, service providers, and family members. Through discussion, the team designs goals and objectives based upon the desires, abilities and specific needs of the person receiving services. These goals and objectives become the framework for services provided.

Where are HCBS services provided?

Services in the HCBS program are provided in scattered individual sites or group settings as well as the community. Services to children are provided in their family home and the community.

Who schedules and monitors HCBS services?

Imagine the Possibilities employs administrative level staff with the responsibility of overseeing and coordinating the HCBS program. These individuals supervises the direct support staff and participates in the delivery of services by coordinating IDT meetings, counseling, interagency coordination, and the writing and monitoring of the Individual Program Plan as outlined by the IDT.

How is the HCBS program funded?

The HCBS program is funded primarily through the Federal Medicaid Program and the State of Iowa.

Who is eligible for HCBS?

Eligible persons must provide consumer consent to service, be diagnosed with mental retardation or a mental disability equivalent to MR before age 18, not pose a serious threat to self or others, be ambulatory or mobile, be medically stable – does not require higher level of care, show favorable prognosis for positive outcomes with programming, and be approved for payment of fees

How is the HCBS program accessed?

The HCBS program can be accessed by either contacting Imagine the Possibilities directly or Mahaska County Community Services. Screening will be done by IMAGINE staff to determine the ability to provide the needed support. Funding must be identified and secured.